Nate Howard

Minnesota Software Engineer

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Work Experience

Software Engineer at Monkeyjump Labs LLC. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Monkeyjump Labs is a cool place to work with cool people.

For more I guess you can check out my LinkedIN Profile :)



My favorite project Stick Knights Online, a 2D Online Role-Playing Game with stick figures! I created this game with C++, SDL, and OpenGL. It uses a custom C++ linux game server and MySQL database.

Sometimes I check out Ludum Dare Game Jam. Try out one of my past entries in your browser:



My GitHub contains the code for all open-sourced games and utilities I have created such as:

SKO Game Client,
SKO Game Server
SKO Map Editor
SKO Auto Updater
Ludum Dare 42 "Running out of Space" entry: Flare

Engineer, coder, and designer.
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Current Projects

I am having fun with my old project Stick Knights Online which can be found on the public github repository, since I have open-sourced the project. All are welcome to tinker with it, ask questions, and offer advice and changes.

Contact Information alongside my favorite friends and collaborators.
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