Nate Howard

Minnesota Software Engineer

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Work Experience

Software Engineer at Grason-Stadler. Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA. For over 65 years Grason-Stadler (GSI) has been "Setting The Clinical Standard" in Audiometry, Tympanometry and hearing healthcare diagnostics.



My favorite music streaming website is Google Play Music. My favorite artists include Tycho, Bonobo, Modest Mouse, and Explosions in the Sky to name a few. I listen to a lot of music to relax, focus, and motivate myself.



My favorite artist is @beeple. He has made and published a work of art every day for over 10 years. Thanks for letting me use your art for my website and profile picture! @ArchanNair is another great artist.

A fearless coder, designer, and engineer at heart.
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Current Projects

I am having fun with my old project Stick Knights Online which can be found on the public github repository, since I have open-sourced the project. All are welcome to tinker with it, ask questions, and offer advice and changes.

I am learning to make 2D games with Unity3D and C#. My favorite tutorials were made by @BrackeysTweet and @inScopeStudios

Contact Information alongside my favorite friends and collaborators.
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